Windows 8 wants to erase my Ultra 2T to make Recovery Media, Why?

I just created/saved a system image from a Windows 7 laptop. It took 51GB.

  I wanted to save a system image from each of my laptops.  My Windows 8 comes with something called Recovery Media.  It says all information will be erased if i create what I believe is a system image. I’m forced to use a 16GB flash drive which defeats the idea of owning the Passport. Am I out of luck?


Try using “File History” to do a backup on Windows 8.

Take a look at this link:

HD: I didn’t know Windows 8 had this option and it’s good to know. 

       It doesn’t, however, allow for a system image-only file backups.

       I think I need something that will create (for lack of a better term) a virtual drive inside of my Passport.  If

Windows then recognizes ‘another’ flash drive letter it may only format that part of it…hopefully.

       I’m going to set up the File History option in any case-THANKS for the input.

       I also did insert a 16GB FLASH usb drive to capture the ‘so called’ image.  I say ‘so called’ because it only

remembers the out of box configuration…not everything on the drive.

      Hopefully there’s some sort of virtual drive utility for the Passport Ultra.