Windows 8 flags WD TV Live Hub as "Not Windows certified"

I’ve installed the latest 3.08.14 which claims to enable Windows 8 support for the WD TV Live Hub. I’ve got Windows 8 Pro on my desktop and Windows 8 RT on a Surface, and neither will “Play To” the box. In “Devices” it just says “Not Windows certified”. I’ve removed and re-added the device, but it makes no difference.

I bought an WD TV Live especially for usage with my news Microsoft Surface and I have exactly the same problem.

You can use the classic Windows Explorer context menu and choose “play to”  from there - it works, but that not an ideal solution. Technically “play to” should work from the Modern UI or metro Apps, Windows just does not allow it…

I hope WD will certify the device very soon…

Same issue here even though the WD website says it should work with any media app in Windows 8 or RT…  Not happy about this.

I’m having the same problem, both on a Windows 8 Pro and a Surface RT. In the device list the WDTV Live box is shown as “WDTVLive not Windows certified”. Consequently, “Play To” from Metro apps does not work.

am using latest firmware 1.12.14

This is painful - the sole reason I bought this box is because WD explicitly announced Windows 8 support here :

 this advertising for Windows 8 support turns out to be misleading.  Can someone from WD please advise ?

WDTV live is not certified for windows 8.

It seems that because WDTV is not certified you cannot stream to WDTV from the windows 8 new metro interface.

When you access the free xbox music player in win 8 you can play music on the computer but not send to your WDTV live streaming device. When you pick the send to option the WDTV does not appear.

The windows 7 type desktop within win 8 works as before.

Why doe wd not respond to this issue. I need a solution for this!

same for me. not certified. this is lame. my pioneer receiver has the same problem. from WMP11 on Desktop it works.

So now that there is a sign on the homepage that claims the playto  feaure should work, wh is there no bugreport or something like that?

even microsoft claims that WD devices support this feature.

edit: i am using a WDTV live (one Week old)