Windows 8.1 (now 10) protocall

Windows is now running Workgroup alongside homegroup which fixes most problem  under ideal circumstance.

Howver when I take the “attached USB device”  HD from my WD Live and move it to my computer to do so maintance on it, windows 8 and windows 7 take it over in such a way that WDTV can’t see it and it if does, cannot bring in show information and so on because it thinks it is remote.

i have 2 loctions, upstairs and downstairs.

When I bring the unit (WDTV Live) downstairs and plug the usb into my Windows 8.1 machine, windows assigns the drive a path number along with the name I gave it.  Example:

WDTV live drive name is Livingroom and works well on the drive attached to the usb.

Windows 8.1 and 7 changes this so the drive name now reads  //DOWNSTAIRS/Livingroom/  I can find it on wdtv live after I fill in my network password.

When I use my upstairs windows 7 machine  we get a new name of  //UPSTAIRS/Livingroom/ and same deals apply.

I notice the thumb drive has a batch file it runs a batch file signing in

Auto Run

action=Launch RoboForm2Go
shell\RoboForm2Go=Launch RoboForm2Go

And when intalling on that thumb drive they ask if they can rename it  as =/RoboForm (or similar)

This combination of things seems to allow the program and the thumb drive to work on any computer without the whole path being present and followed.

As it is now, I have my big hard drive running off my computer and not the USB device. Everyting plays well even better because it is on direct wire to WDTV Upstairs.  That said I cannot for some reason get updates on show information when it is hooked to the computer.

Desperately need a fix on this   appreciate a followup email or something if you guys can figure it out.


Do you mean that you are connecting the WD TV Live directly to the computer? What is it exactly that you are trying to accomplish?