Windows 8.1 My Book World White Light 2TB NAS Mirrored can't connect to drive

This has me really mad.  I been trying to fix this for many hours/days.

background - 

Worked without issue with Windows 7 Ultimate

After win Upgrade,

It appears in Windows but can’t open it

dbl click and after waiting Windows cannot access \ip\public\

goes into Trouble shooting

Completed Says

Your computer appears to be configued correctly,but the device or resource (ip address) is not responding

I am at the latest firmware and win update.

I can run WDLink.exe and all is running fine on the drive.  I can’t map a drive from WDLink.  I run as the administrator.  

I have run the Win 8.1 compatibility mode with no improvements upon each test.


Just for troubleshooting purposes try connecting the drive directly to the computer to verify if it works.

no that didn’t work.  I can connect to the drive on other non win 8.1 computers.