Windows 8.1 files and folders not seen on WDTV LMP


Is there any reason why on Windows 8 only,
I create Files or Folders on a HDD via USB and then plug that drive into the WDTV, but it fails to see the Files or Folders?

If I access the HDD via the Netwrok and make the Folders and trasnfer the files, I have no issues, but it is a lot slower than using the USB 3 method.


How is the hard drive formatted? is it NTFS?

Yes NTFS but I have had no issues under Win7?

I upgraded to Win 8.1 not long ago.

I have had this same issue. I’ve notcied that when I plug my HDD in a Win7 O/S pc, it works fine on the WDTV. But once it is plugged into a Win8 O/S pc, the WDTV can’t find or recongize. I though maybe this was a certain HDD or WDTV issue, but after buying a Micca E600, I had the same issues.

After reformatting one HDD on a Win7 pc and reloading movies, t worked just fine. So i tested it again and loaded movies on a Win8 PC and bam!!! Same thing…nothing.

I have brought this post up before and talked to WD Techs on the phone, and all that was suggested was to send in the WD Player for return and replacement. This is after updating firmware and even rolling back 3 or 4 firmware editions to no avail. 

Any suggestions from anyone would be much appreciated. 

Weird. I’m copying over files from Win 8.1 to my NTFS HDDs all the time and have no issues when connecting them to my WDTVs.