Windows 7 reboots itself at login screen after WD Blue SSD upgrade

Hi there, WD community! I’m having an unusual problem with upgrading Windows 7 computers to a WD Blue SSDs where it upgrades successfully and boots into Windows 7, but after getting to the Ctrl + Alt + Delete login screen, after about 20 seconds, the computer reboots itself on its own with no blue screen. However, if you are able to login quickly and get to your desktop, it DOES NOT reboot and it works fine. I have had this happen on two Dell desktops and one Lenovo laptop so far. Both are joined to a domain. At this point, I think it may be possibly related to the WD SSDs. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

We determined the problem, there was Webroot SecureAnywhere installed on the computer which caused the problem. We removed it and then cloned it again and it worked.