Windows 7 64 Media Server and WD TV LIVE Streaming issue

Ok, I have Window 7 64 Media Server running over my network. I Have (2) WD TV LIVE PLUS that can connect to the media server and streaming from my computer. I purchased a new WD TV Live connected it to the wireless network and downloaded the latest firmware. However, trying to connect to the media server shows me the computer, and the folders and playlist. Clicking on a folder gives the error message, “…no media files found…” (something of that natural). However, here’s the weird part. If I go to my computer and within media server click Play To WD TV Live, it will stream to that device, and as long as I keep that window up and running I can navigate and stream any other file.

Any idea what the issue is??? Seems really weird. If I close the window I’m back to the error message.

Any Help would be great, because I bought this because it can play netflix.

Now here’s another issue. If you look at the release notes to WD TV LIVE PLUS it says the latest firmware supports netflix. Ok, any idea what that means, because I do not see a netflix icon any where on the WD TV LIVE PLUS.



Sounds like the Index on the Media Server is messed up.  Rescan or Rebuild it.

Well, it’s not an index problem. My PC’s video library is made up of a folder from a USB WD HD. So when I remove that folder Windows Media re-organize it’s files. I did this and then I included that folder again in the Video’s library and I watched Window Media re-build it’s library.

However, this still does not fix the problem. WD TV Live will not display the media content, unless I start it first from Windows Media by saying Play To WD TV Live.

I’m going to research another DLNA software, because maybe it’s a Windows 7 64 Media Issue.

Help other suggestions…rather has anybody ever got this to work?


I even exclude the USB HD folder and just copied several video files into my PC video folder…again this still did not work.


I think its a software issue on the WDTV as I am having same issue!

I had a similar problem with “no media found error.”

I did 3 things to solve it:

  1. got rid of Windows 7 Homegroup (just google this; basically right click on the Homegroup listed to the left of My Computer, advanced properties, leave homegroup; then also disable the two homegroup services running)

  2. change the advanced sharing properties of the Network share folder in My PC to Read/Write for Everyone (go to My computer, look for Network to the left, you should see and WDTVLIVE, click on to bring up your shared folders and if your media folder isn’t there, navigate to it and right click–>properties–>share tab to do so)

  3. set the permissions specifically for your media folder.  I think this was the key.  Go ahead and brows into the folder that contains your media.  Look at the top bar and find “Share with…” tab, click it, and go to advanced sharing.  This will bring up a box containing three fields: Network file and Folder sharing,  Advanced Sharing, and Password Protection.  You want the first one, containing the box “SHARE”.  Click this.  Drag down the selection box to “Everyone” and select this, making sure Permission Level is set to “Read/Write”.

This solved my “media is missing” error.   Hope this helps.