Windows 10 Universal App Support for WD My Cloud and WD Photos

Since Windows 10 came out with full Windows Universal app support, it would be good to see all WD apps on Windows platform.

With Universal App, WD can developp one single app that will work on regular Windows PC with Windows 10, Windows Mobile 10, Windows Tablets running Windows 10, Xbox, HoloLens, IoT… Far more potential than with any other OS.


Yes and because every Windows Phone 8.1 device will get Windows Phone 10 it is only needed to release one Universal Windows 10 app to make everyone happy.

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anyone knows if they are workin on it? please someone say yes. i have a WP and the computer with w10 IT WOULD BE GREAT! if they could make a universal app

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Thought Win 10 is going to allow the full software to run. Meaning can’t you just download the full version instead of the app version?

Any news WD on an Windows 10 Universal App?

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I put in a post asking if there were any plans to develop a version of WD My Cloud for Windows 10 phones. Reply was that are no plans to do this.

Hi STEVE_KNOWLES, WD does not plan to create an exclusive application for Windows Phone, however a Windows Universal App, is different as they can potentially work on Windows Computer, Windows 10 Phone and Xbox. So far, WD has not mentioned if they are planning or not to create an Universal Windows App.


Thanks for the update however I am still not clear on what support Western Digital intends to offer Microsoft users in the future.

Given the lack of a Windows 10 phone app and the fact the website does not support Edge this raises a doubt in my mind as to whether WD is interested in Microsoft users.

Is there any way to get a definitive statement from WD?

Unfortunately, such information is not available to us Moderators. Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this

Thanks for WD Support page, I still doubt I can update the firmware to My WD Black 1TB Sata-III.