Windows 10 Reading 2 external Hard Drives

I am using windows 10 OS on my computer and when I connect my book external hard drive WD in the devices/drivers screen from the my computer icon it lists where the external hard drive is located as primary backup storage (e:) which was 1st named local disk (e:).
On the left side of the screen where it also shows all of the hard drives/devices connected to my computer I see 2 listings for primary backup storage (e:) but I only have 1 hard drive that should be designated as the (e:) drive so how do I remove the 2nd listing?
Is this a windows setting issue that I can fix somehow is windows so that it will only recognize the 1 hard drive when connected to the computer?
I sure would like to know how to fix this.

Hi there,

What happens if you open the second listing for the drive and does this happen on a different operating system ?