Windows 10. MyNetView reports Antivirus when AV is turned off

I just downloaded the latest MNV & when I ran it it warned me that there was an AV detected which could affect results. I turned off the AV but MNV still detects an AV & gives the following warning:
“We strongly encourage you to continue to protect your network. However, if you are planning to run performance tests; be aware that the added protection may alter those results.”
Does that mean that the MNV test might be compromised? Why do I get this warning when I have disabled all services in Windows Defender?

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The latest release for the app dates from 6/14/2012; 3 years before the release of Microsoft Windows 10.

As such, you may be experiencing an app compatibility or optimization issue.

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That doesn’t give much confidence in the reliability of my WD product. The software is 5 yrs old. Maybe I should uninstall MyNetView?

It’s best to uninstall any software you are not using or is not fully compatible with your system.