Windows 10 Mobile Access

Any ideas how to access MyCloud from a Windows 10 Mobile Device? The windows application is not supported and Edge is the browser on windows 10 mobile … but not supported by WD2Go.

I have tried other browers but not joy. Any ideas appreciated.


What other browsers have you tried? Currently using Firefox on a Windows 10 desktop without issue to both access the web portal and to access the WD My Cloud Dashboard on the local network.

When you use a browser are you accessing the website if trying to connect remotely?

Make sure to update Microsoft Windows 10 with the latest updates. Microsoft released a fix to the Windows 10 Windows Explorer issue where it wouldn’t properly see the My Cloud under the Network > Computer section. More information on that issue and the update to fix it can be found in the following thread:

When your Windows 10 mobile device is connected to your local network (the same local network the My Cloud is on) you should be able to use Windows File Explorer to access the My Cloud and to “map” Shares from the My Cloud to your mobile device.

Not luck yet, Did you found any solution?

Not possible to get in to my 2 x Ex2 from my Windows phone 8.1 and Windows 10 mobile devices.
locally or remote.

Thank you.