Windows 10 does not save network password

newly i upgradet my laptop from Win7 to 10 and now am i testing the cloud access. It looks ok, but i noticed that Windows is not able to save my login password when i access the Mycloud in the network. Of course i checked the box onto the dialog prompt to remember it.
Acctually it is some kind of strage behavior… most of the tries it ask me fot the password. Sometimes if i dont enter password and click cancel ot the prompt many times, after some time suddenly i get logged in (although i have not entered the password before). There was also a situation where i entered the password, access the cloud and after some minutes when i check the login again, it prompt me again for the password.

i aleady checked the Windows Credentials Manager and modified, deleted, created credentials, they stayed stored there but still getting login prompts No access?

i dont know where should be the problem, on the MyCloud, Windows10, router? or what is messed up.
Any ideas?

further, it is interesting that after i click on the MYCLOUD in the network i everytime get in without any problems and prompts. I have the prompt issue only when I try to access some share folder in the Mycloud device… and of course the share folder in the Mycloud is set to read/write permission for the user, which I am trying to login.
Is it not more logical to deny access (or prompt for credentials) right after I try to access the mycloud device instead of doing that not untill try to access the share folder inside?

Some other infos:
Windows 10 Home
MyCloud 2. Gen version is 2.31.149
MyCloud device has static IP
The notebook with Win10 is set to auto DHCP

oh, maybe this here is causing the issue (look at solution 7). But i dont have secpol.msc because of Windows home version :frowning_face: