Windows 10 Didnt discover two 4TB Passport USB3 connected to TP-Link WiFi Router

How do I get Windows 10 to see my two 4TB USB3 Passport drives connected to 4-port A/C powered USB3 switch connected to USB3 port on TP-Link Archer A20 C4000 WiFi Router? All media devices see them perfectly. However the laptop does not unless i connect them directly. Its a pain to move them back and forth.
I’m not sure what kind of shape shifting is going down at TP-Link, but the support site has not been updated thoroughly to include Win10.
That said, I’m hoping even though this should fall under router support, WD can jump in and save the day.

the first thing i would check is … maybe your TP-Link and Media Devices are using SMB1 Protocol for Network/Media sharing via USB ?

Windows 10 updates have disabled SMB1 for security. (Win 10 uses SMB2/3)

But, you can re-enable SMB1 on Win 10 to test to see if that’s the cause of the problem.

Google how to re-enable SMB1 on Win 10

Thanks Joey,
I’ll give that a try this evening and report back.