Windows 10 compatible? StudioOne

On 2nd USB G drive in two weeks (first one formatted fine, but Surfacebook then couldn’t “see” it when i went to save. Sweetwater sent me a new one (they formatted it). worked. Then…this thing starts saving (on auto save every 5 minutes using Presonus StudioOne) and FREEZES (the “G” is lit up and working). can’t even shut the surfacebook down without turning off the G drive. Totally unacceptable. if these drives aren’t fully tested/vetted with Win10. If i’m missing something, i’ll be glad to admit my error, so please…input???


Support is trying to contact you by email to help you out. Have you received the email? Please check your spam folders also.

I sent this reply to Brandon yesterday:

Thanks Brandon. Something isn’t right cause I formatted the first drive sent to me from Sweetwater. Surfacebook formatted it no problem, no errors (with the formatting tool from G Tech). When I went to actually save something to it, the surfacebook couldn’t find it. Called GTech and the guy didn’t know. Called Sweetwater who remotted into my machine, he formatted it again, all good, then he went to save something and…same problem. Couldn’t “see” the drive. Sweetwater sent me a new one that THEY formatted for me. Plugged it in. All good. Even saved something to the drive. Then, I started recording a song in studioone (G tech drive was auto saving every 5 minutes) and the “G” lit up (which I assumed meant it was saving) and it froze the surfacebook. Couldn’t even shut down without turning off the G tech drive. Tried it all again and same problem. Called Sweetwater and they/we decided to try a Glyph drive so unfortunately I’m sending the G tech drives back and crossing my fingers that the Glyph works. I did do some searching and it did look like win 10 was having some USB 3.0 problems with external drives a while ago but for me, two drives and two misses meant we had to go in a different direction. If Glyph doesn’t work I will be heading to Microsoft store with a big bat to hit someone with (rhetorically speaking of course).


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Haha. Okay, I’m glad you’re being followed up with. I’m sure he’ll respond back to you, soon.