Windows 10 backup into El Capitan 10.11.2

After backing up an older Windows 7 computer into new Windows 10 computer, guess who failed twice! We were able to save all the documents, but are now trying to migrate from documents on a Passport Ultra Windows 10 to a new Mac running El Capitan.
Oh boy! How should we do this?

-attempt to directly import them into the Mac?


-import them into another Windows 10 computer and bring them across electronically (ie anything we can get to work!)

Am I missing an easy was to do this?

By the way, my passport is working perfectly on the original Windows 7 computer that I resurrected after it failed. I upgraded to Windows 10 and the Passport runs perfectly!


If you connect the drive on a Mac computer, the unit should show as a read only drive and you should be able to see the files on the drive and take the files out of the unit.

If you did the backup using a backup software, might be a bit difficult to copy the files. If that’s the case, try to restore the files on a windows computer and then copy the files manually copy and paste and then connect the unit to the Mac.