Windows 10 app is rubbish..?

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post, no offence, but also hopefully my last. I work at a small business and we’ve just got the DL2100 4TB(2x 2tb) setup running the latest firmware. It all works quite brilliantly but the Windows 10 app conjures up some issues. Like “No supported WD devices found”. I’ve tried rebooting my pc, didn’t work. I’ve checked my Eset security, but it doesn’t look like it is the cause of the problem.
We’ve got a couple of employees who work on a Mac, and they have no problem with the Mac program. Could it be that the Windows “app” is bad?

Besides that, I have a second question. I know it is possible that you can administer rights to users on which map they can enter and edit in. But is it also possible that the admin can make sure a user cannot see a map entirely?

I anxiously await your respons!

i quess some firewall issue. however you should be able to map the drive without a software. if your shares arent public but rather password “protected”, users cant access them without knowing them, so you can map a share for each user you want.

Thanks for the info!