WinDlg 1.31 stops seeing WD drives

I have WinDlg 1.31 installed in my Win10 64-bit system, and at first it worked fine. But now it no longer sees installed WD drives, even though Device Manager and Storage Management both see them fine. Any ideas on what could be going wrong?

I have several out-of-warranty disks that I am cleaning up for disposal/reuse but now that WinDlg is no longer working for me I have gone back to HD Tune Pro, which is a lot slower.

I have found the reason why this is happening: WinDlg can not cope with more than 8 disk drives being visible to the OS. I have 3 permanent disks (RAID devices) and 5 visible through a permanently-installed USB card reader. An update caused the card reader to go from listing 4 USB disk slots to 5, and causing 8 disks to be seen by the OS and by WinDlg, so when I added another WD disk in a hot-swap slot, it was not listed. So, this is a bug in WinDlg 1.31.

I verified this by unplugging the USB card reader from the motherboard and restarting. New disks could then be seen by WinDlg. I plugged the USB card reader back in again and the new disks could then not be seen.


Thank you for sharing this information. WinDLG was designed to work with internal drives connected directly to the SATA port and USB external drives to USB ports. USB card readers are seen as different devices by the software even though most of the time we are able to test drives in this configuration.