Win32 error: 87 The parameter is incorrect

I have a WD Mypassport 2 GB drive that is getting full. I purchased a WD Mypassport 3 GB drive. When attempting to copy a folder, I get the Win32 error. Both files are NTFS. Anyone have ideas?


A similar issue was reported over Microsoft support

See if the following link helps:

Also try using the drives on a different computer.

Thanks. However, that article refers to Windows Server 2000. I’m running Windows 7. I will try it on a different machine. I have seen some posts that refer to a Windows 32 driver issue.

My machine is running 64 bit Windows 7.


Let us know when you test on a different computer.

I fired up my old 32-bit XP machine and plugged both drives into it. The copy of a folder full of .jpgs that produced the error on my first machine ran like a champ on the old machine. I had contacted WD support and they had me try a few things and finally shipped a replacement drive. The error showed up on that one too.