Win10(64) > My Cloud EX4 Backup

I need some pointers, How-To Doc et-al, on how to Configure and Backup to my Ex4 HW. I see all the Public “Stuff” that’s on my LAN to include my Ex4 HW Public Shares but I get a can’t connect “Nastygram”, or that’s what I call them. when I attempt to connect to any of the Privet Shares. I’m currently upgrading to the latest Firmware.

I suspect there’s something in the Password apparatus that’s getting me wrapped around the Axel. So I’m thinking I need to get pointers on connecting to a specific Privet Ex4 Share.

Hello DuGo2Guy,

You can try using WD Smartware for performing the automatic backup of the data to the My Cloud EX4 device. To know the steps to install and configure the WD Smartware, you can refer the following link:

Thanks, I don’t know if it was the Win updates or the WD Firmware fix but the my cloud name is now translating properly and communicating thru Win 7 backup. So far, data-point of one, it seems to be working. After a few more Round-2-its pass by I’ll give the Smartware a try for giggles and grins to keep up with WD SW. I wasn’t aware that Smartware had been extended to communicate thru a Win 10 (64) OS. Muchas Gracias :-).