Win reads My Passport as a CD Drive- NO DATA ACCESS?

NOTE: I have looked through other threads for a solution but none thus far seems applicable, though some newer ones may be relevant.

I have a 1tb My Passport on Win7, no problems at all for 6mnths until last night I try top open an app & get msg ‘not a Win32 Application’. I disconnect the drive (correctly!), reconnection takes a while but access normally. Then Win wants to do a scan for ‘Corrupt Data’ that inexplicable closes while less than 1/4 through. This morning upon restart (on 2 Win7 PC’s) reads the drive as a CD drive & cannot access. Can’t apply any utilities (so far).

I’m prepared to lose the data if unavoidable, but would like to continue to use the drive. Any solutions?

Okay… a little strange while searching online for solutions Win error check spontaneously starts up again & after 45min declares the drive accessible with errors. I start a defrag with PIRIFORMS DEFRAGGER & it has a 25% fragmentation rate

! Curious. I guess my question now changes to 1. What the heck happened? 2. What are the best diagnostic/ repair tools for WD drives. I’ve never had trouble with WD products before excepting my poor knowledge to enthusiasm ratio & consequent fiddling but I don’t do that anymore… I’ve reformed. I research, ask advice & don’t go beyond the limits of what I’m confident with!

You can use Data Lifeguard or even chkdsk

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chkdsk seems satisfied with the drive but lifegaurd’s Quick Test: Pass SMART Test: Fail. From lifeguards literature I gather the drive is kaput, no? I seem to have no trouble accessing the drive now.


The drive has failed… Backup all data and replace it possible