Win 7 USB drive not recongized

Win 32 bit wd usb dual backup 250 mg usb fire wire

drive does not show anywhere, it was workling fine. It works on other win 7 machines.   I’v’e uninstalled all ths usb items, Ran chkdsk , defrag, trouble shooting,  It pins when you plug or unplub trhe drive bout does not show anywhere.  (disk manager  device manager exlporer wd software)

any Ideas?


Is that a laptop or desktop computer?

If is a desktop, make sure that you are connecting the drive to the back USB ports of the computer. Also you may try downloading the WD DLG Tool to see if the drive is detected.

Also make sure that your computer have the latest updates available.

It is good to know that the drive and cable are working on another machine. You made a good start in uninstalling USB drivers, but that does not always clear up problems. Check out the Guide linked below, download the DriveCleanup utility, and run it according to the directions in the Guide. USB storage drivers can get rather messy for a number of reasons, and this procedure may help.