Win 7 Pro system will not boot with 4 TB storage drive

I run Win 7 Pro 64X on a Dell Studio XPS 9100. I use a Samsung 840 Pro boot drive and all data is on separate drives. I bought a new WD Black 4 TB to use as a new data drive. When that drive is installed internally the system will not boot. When I remove it, the system then boots fine. I installed the drive in a USB external case and it work fine.

I’d really like to figure out what’s preventing the system from booting. I believe I have all of the necessary SATA drivers and my BIOS is up to date.

I have the same situation with an HGST 4 TB drive

Both drives are GPT.

This problem all started when I did a clean install of Win 7 Pro on the SSD. Before that, a 4 TB drive (the HGST) worked fine internally.

Any ideas?

Hi, have you checked the boot order in your BIOS? This is the only idea that comes to mind as with all SATA boards they will search for a OS and boot from that drive, regardless on the partition. I boot my desktop from a OCZ Agility 3 and have 2 4TB WD Blacks in RAID 0 which hold all my information and I do not have any issues booting with them attached.

Thanks for your reply.

I did check that and confirmed that the SSD was selected.

Hello dg2727. I am having a similar problem. Did you ever get a resolution to your issue?