Win 7 - Doesn't see drive -- workaround?

Drive used with old XP Pro worked fine with new computer for two weeks.

Problem happened when I uploaded video from a Sony HandyCam onto the new computer. System froze (crashed). Error messages of a hardware conflict. Worked through evrerything and got back all my flash drives and acomdata hard drive, but can’t get back my WD. Won’t recogonize it as plugged into a USB. Drive light works and there is a slight beep when I first plug it into the USB.

Read through the forum messages and not sure what to do.



Win 7, Sony VAIO

Intel I-5 CPU  M520@2.4OGHz  4.00GB RAM  64-bit OS

NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M

One more thing…in the Control Panel screen under Devices, the drive shows up. I can eject it, etc. I ran Troubleshooting and, of course, it returned the message that there were no problems with the device. (Has a Windows troubleshooting option ever fixed anything?)


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that is what mine is doing…mines wd2500me-01… so if u fix it let me know would ya thinx

any strange noise on it?

Turns out, there is no fix. After going around and around with tech support and trying everything (including plugging it into another computer) the drive is dead. All the data is gone. They wanted me to try and initialize the drive to at least save the drive but that didn’t work.

To initialize the drive the steps are to right-click on Computer, go to Manage, under Storage click on Disk Management and see if your disk shows up. Then look to see if there is volume info. If there’s no volume info, then there’s no data. It’s gone. If the drive shows up, try to initialize it. Initializing also wipes out any data. That’s all I know. Maybe this will be of some help. My drive didn’t always show up with this method, you might have to reboot a few times to get it to show up.

My personal experience with this drive is that it’s touchy. I’ll never purchase another. This is the second WD drive to crash and burn in a year. The first just quit three-weeks after I began using it. I got the WD so I could transfer files to a new computer while keeping personal info at home while traveling with my portable. I had two USB flash drives installed when I plugged in the video camera and they held up  fine. This is not to say that what I did was smart or correct, it’s just that it didn’t seem to take much too destroy the drive and data on my WD HD.


it’s be able to save data. you think this drive is dead. but somebody be able to recovery data from it even make it work again.

1, don’t initialize your drive.  as it’s will format all data

2,does your drive is spin up now?

3, you can RMA it if it still under warranty. but don’t if you have important data in it.

and you can see following link. it’s have success case for WD passport saving data.


Well, the light is on and Windows 7 responds with a “beep” when I plug it in. I just haven’t decided if I’m going to send it somewhere to see if the data can be recovered. As far as the warranty, yes I can get my money back (I got an RMA for the first drive). That’s not the issue…to me it’s the unreliability of the drives. Fortunately, most everything was backed up to an online service, but I have a few files on the defunct drive that I didn’t have a chance to back up. Moving to a new computer always seems to be a hassle.


so two option for you.

RAM or send it to someone for take off data. hope you solve it out soon. good luck.