Win 10 will not boot from SSD

I just installed a 1 TB SSD in my tower and want to boot Windows 10 from it. The motherboard has SATA II ports and the BIOS sees the drive. Windows can see the SSD and format it to full capacity. I set the drive letter to E:.

Both BIOS and Windows 10 correctly see all of my internal drives and show their correct capacity.

I cloned 645 GB from my previous boot drive to the SSD using Acronis True Image 2014. This took about 3 hours. I told BIOS to boot from the SSD, but I can see and hear the HDD running instead. The screen starts flashing when Windows gets to the login screen, so I have to power off the computer and reset the BIOS boot drive back to the HDD.

Next steps:
I plan to use Acronis True Image 2018 to clone my boot drive to the SSD. This will be my third clone attempt. Will that make a difference?

Do I need to change the drive letter in Windows Disk Management before I set the BIOS boot device? Do I need to set any jumpers on the back of the SSD?

I would appreciate any help!

Try booting without any other drive attached. It worked that way for me, although I created a fresh install on it. Good luck

I want to use other SATA drives to manage data such as Word documents, Excel files, Access files, videos and pictures. I could install the 2 other internal HDD into cases and make them external USB or ESATA drives, but that would take away some of the advantage of using an SSD to boot my system.

I’m also using the Windows 10 upgrade, so I do not have the Windows OS on separate media. That prevents me from doing a fresh Windows install on the SSD.

There is also another interesting item. Windows “loses” the SSD. It doesn’t appear in the disk management menu unless I reboot the system and make sure the drive appears in the BIOS.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!

Just my case, I don’t have answers to all you said.
1 connected the M2 had too make some adjustments in the BIOS (it’s some where in disk management of my ASUS mobo)
Then installed W10. Booted, an then I re attached all other drives. The original C partition now became E i think as the DVDdrive became D.
That said, I think when you would first get the machine to work with the module as C drive (like in my case) and then put back the Image I think you should be okay. The Image C now should become the new C on the new SSD. … that is I think it should workout that way.
I made a fresh install, re-installed all the office stuff, put back the outlook pst file etc etc. Yes It took awhile but i think it is worth it because the installation will be fresh.
Good luck.