Will writing to zero undue all updates?

I would like to wipe the My Book Essentials.  I’m having a driver conflict with the new Windows 7 I just installed on a new internal drive.  It keeps looking for the old driver on the old internal hard drive.

I want to use the Acronis method.  Will writing it to zeros erase the updated firmware and software?    I would like to do away with the smartware all together  and just start with a blank drive.   I downloaded the SES driver.   What do I need to know about this process before I get myself into a whole peck of trouble?

Which drive are you trying to wipe? I don’t think writing zeros will wipe firmware off external dive. Was this Windows 7 a clean install on the new drive or an image or clone of old drive?


I installed a new internal drive.  I went from a 500GB WD Caviar Blue to a 1TB Caviar Black.    The windows 7 is installed on the new internal drive.

I want to wipe the external and get rid of that …  smartware for good.    Wouldn’t wiping that clean get rid of everything??   Why would it keep the firmware update??

I think the firmware update changes what’s on the bridge board. Is this one of the drives with the annoying VCD? If so you’ll may want to run the virtual CD manager to hide it. I just disabled mine in device manager.  Neither get rid of it they only hide it. I think it would be good to reformat the drive since you used it and had some type of problem. Make sure you delete the volume when you  repartition