Will This Setup Work?


I was planning on getting a WD My Book World Edition network drive and wondering if I could connect it to my router AND at the same time connect it to my WD TV Live through USB cable. The setup would look like this:

WD TV Live --(USB)-- My Book drive --(Ethernet)-- Router

The reason I want to do this is because I don’t want to stream my large 1080p Blu-ray movies; I just want to watch them directly from the hard drive for a glitch-free movie experience.

Will this set up work?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

The World Edition cannot be connected to devices via USB. The USB ports are to add a USB drive into the back of the World drive to add additional space (they are female USB slots).

1080p videos stream fine from the World Edition to the WD TV Live. You can even do it wirelessly! Just make sure you have an “N” router if you are planning on doing this.

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Thanks for the info!

My internet connection (10Mbps) is always busy (my family memebers do a lot of downloading, uploading, and Youtubing). Wouldn’t this affect my video streaming even with an ethernet connected wireless-N router? Or internet bandwidth is irrelevant to video streaming?