Will Play connect to Live Hub media?

I own neither and don’t know much about DLNA or if Live Hub supports it. Going to put my music and videos on the Live Hub for all my computers to use and am thinking about getting a WD Play for my other tv as well (on sale for $49 at Newegg this weekend), but I just want to know if the Play will connect to the Live Hub media? Thanks for any help!

It will, over media server only.

And bear in mind that Play doesn´t support mpeg2 and DTS.

Thanks, shouldn’t be a problem as the Play will only be used for some tv episodes which are all in avi format. I don’t use full dvd or bluray rips. Plus I think I read that the Play will be able to access a Sling Media Adapter for my Dish Network 722k receiver, which will come in handy as my extra tv does not have a satellite box.

How are your avi’s encoded?

I’m not sure the DISH Sling boxes are supported.  IIRC, It’s only the Slingbox Solo, HD, 350, and 500.   But I’m not certain…