Will OS3-to-OS5 update increase maximum drive size for EX4100?

I have an EX4100 still running OS3. I avoided updating it after reading complaints of data loss when the new OS first came out. I’m now at approximately 5TB of 21TB of available drive space, so it’s time to start planning a capacity upgrade in some fashion. (RAID 5 configuration)

If I upgrade to OS5, does that also increase the total rive space addressable by the EX4100? If so, does anyone know that maximum size? I’ve been looking online for over an hour and can’t seem to nail this down, so any feedback would be welcome.

What version if OS3 are you on? From the EX4100 support page: “*My Cloud OS 3 firmware 2.42.115 must be installed before updating to My Cloud OS 5 firmware.” So make sure you go though the update docs before you proceed.

I don’t know if merely the update will increase disk capacity (maybe someone else will chime in) but the product page does show a 40TB config (4x10tb). I assume you have 4x6tb.

Thanks @Saudade. I do have version 2.42.115 installed, and presently have 4x8TB drive configuration, which I assume(!) is being partially constrained by the current OS3 software. Thanks again for your reply.

Update to anyone following. After @Saudade’s reply, I decided to proceed with manually downloading and updating to OS5 which thankfully proceeded without issue (I did have to update my password, and therefore re-map mapped drives, but no big deal there). Now I just have to decide if it’s worth the money ti upgrade from 4x8TB to 4x10TB to increase my storage. I suppose it is since the alternative is replacing the NAS completely which is a not inconsiderable expense itself.

Side note, I incorrectly surmised that I might not be getting full use of my 4x8TB configuration with 21.6TB total drive space, but using a RAID calculator tool, I was able to confirm that’s pretty much spot on.

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DOH!! My math skills must be slipping. 4x8tb in Raid5 would yield 24TB (21.6).

My EX4 has 4x2TB (Raid 5). After moving/deleting a bunch of old software ISOs, VMs, PSTs and whatnot, I’m down to nearly 4TB free (for now).

When you look at drives, I’d recommend CMR drives (WD Red Plus/Pro, Seagate Ironwolf, etc.).

Glad the uipdate went well!!

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