Will no longer play video on iPhone using My Cloud app


Used to play videos a couple of seconds after selecting them via My Cloud app. Now gives rotating circle indefinitely. Works for one session if the phone (iPhone 6, iOs 11.3.1) is switched off then on again first.


Try this:
uninstall MC app. Reboot iPhone, then reinstall MC app and see if things work better.


I downloaded a program called Infuse Pro from the Apple store. I’m not associated with them but it seems more reliable than the WD program in terms of streaming video from Wifi. I haven’t had one problem with it yet… and it honestly seems to stream them and not download them first… I can’t confirm that but I just know that I hooked this up to my phone via wifi (and iPad too). No issues since.


Same problem as my Cloud app for me. Works one day, but not the next until phone is restarted. Then ok for that session only.


Seems like a phone OS issue. I know my Android phone had cellular connectivity issues like that I couldn’t clear without toggling airplane mode or rebooting. iOS seems a bit better on this front (except for beta v. 12).

Wish I had a solution but unfortunately, my Android phone has the same problem with receiving calls where my iPhone SE doesn’t. My iPad doesn’t have a problem either.

Unless the device is getting hot and Wifi stops running? Some laptops shut off wifi when they get warm…

Good luck in finding a solution though. If you find one, let me know… I’d jump back to Android if I had one.

Mail](https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=550986) for Windows 10