Will it play european DVB-S/DVB-S2 recordings?

Hello WD users!

I’m planning to buy a WD TV Live HDMI box because the mediaplayer from my LG TV is really bad.

What I want to use it for mostly are viewing recordings from my DVB-S cards. these are MPEG transport streams (.ts files).

The “problem” in europe is, most TV channels have a 16:9 anamorph format  (720x576 pixels but with 16:9 aspect ratio). My LG is unable to display this as 16:9, it forces me to view it as 4:3

Additionally, there are HD channels (720p25 or 1080i50) but I doubt these to be a problem, hopefully :slight_smile:

My LG is unable to seek inside these .ts files, I can only guess, it may have to do with the fact that there is no timing information available because it is streamed from the satelite.

Will the WD be able to play these files correctly?

I could upload sample files, too.

Anyone from germany here with a DVB-S card that tried it on the WD?



Posting the media info will help

let’s wait for some user’s from Germany to confirm if they have try this