Will deleting files off PC after backup result in the files being deleted from My Passport Ultra?

I purchased a My Passport Ultra the other day wanting to backup my photos and music and also use it to store all of my movies to free space on my laptop.

I want to know if after using WD Smartware to backup all my photos, music and movies, if I delete all of the movies from my laptop will it synchronize and delete them all off of My Passport Ultra?

If so am I able to just use My Passport Ultra WITHOUT the WD Smartware for my movies (Just moving the files across to a folder)
and WITH the WD Smartware for my pictures and music (creating a back up for them)
or will the WD Smartware erase the folder I manually made for my movies?

I’m very confused after reading Topics asking about this as there were just many different answers and questions, so i would really appreciate the help. :smile:

No, Smartware is backup software, not synchronisation software.

Nothing will be deleted from your Smartware.stor (backup) folder unless you manually go in and do so yourself.

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Thank you very much :smile: