Wii U Streaming from MyBook Live Duo - Can it Work?

I bought a Wii U and read on some forums that people were able to stream from their computer by plugging in the IP number. I tried this for my MyBook Live Duo and couldn’t get past the username/password screen. When I correctly entered the information, it would flicker and take me back to the username/password screen as if it hadn’t happened.

Then I tried using the wd2go internet site and couldn’t log in with my username/password. It said it wasn’t authorized.

While doing these, I did the same steps on my computer and got through.

Supposedly, the Wii U will stream and play mp4 files.

Is there a way to do this? A wd2go app for the Wii U would be perfect (they’ve already got Netflix, Hulu +, Amazon, etc… built in).

Hey , ya I came across the same article about getting the Wii U gamepad to access MBL - Also getting the same as you SEEverist, I threw in \, and up prompts the UID/Password screen… tried all sorts of names and passwords that was on my MBL - but just have one user, admin and it doesn’t have a password…

Also tried and registered the WD2GO address, however also saying to view this content, you must log in, yet it shows my drive when I first login.

Anyone out there with an answer? Would love to playback my .mp4 files on the Wii U when the wife is watching tv…


On WD2GO, I was able to log in the first time and it showed me my drive. Then when I selected the shared (from the dropdown), it gave me another login for the network. This was the point at which it failed using this method.

When I do the same thing on my iMac, it does pop up about using an applet. I’m wondering if this is where things fall apart.