Wifi Streaming of video from Apple Airdisk using WDTV Live Streaming MP. Can this be done? y/n

Is it possible to stream video via Wifi from a HDD connected to an Airport Extreme Base Station (aka Airdisk) using the latest WDTV Live Streaming Media Player? Has anybody had success with this? Y/N. Not sure if this is possible. I’ve had no success thus far. Currently I cannot see the Airdisk using WDTV. No problems seeing and connecting to Airdisk using a PC or MAC. I can also stream from the HDD when direct connected to my MAC. If yes, are there any tips and tricks to make this work? Thanks in advance.

Did you ever where able to connect your WD TV to your Apple Airdisk? I try few times at work and it failed ALL the time.

Cuerndo, no I haven’t been able to get it to work. And I can’t find a definitive answer whether it can be done or not either.

WDTV does not see the Airdisk even though it’s a Samba server. Both my MAC (via Wifi) and PC (via Ethernet) can access the Airdisk. I believe that it’s probably a limitation of the WDTV. It would be nice to have some manual functionality (network wise) in the WDTV so that at least troubleshooting / connectivity is easier. Being able to manually configure ip addresses of network drives or even the ability to ‘ping’ a device would be beneficial.

The only thing I haven’t tried is connecting the WDTV to the AEBS via ethernet cable and accessing the HDD this way. This may work, however as I’m never going to use this method I haven’t bothered. This method is not considered as an ‘Airdisk’ anyway, just a HDD connected to a router.

Has anybody been able to get this to work?

i noticed that wdtv appears in network as WDTVLiveHub then there is another shared folder named WDTVLiveHub

so the path to the folder would be \WDTVLiveHub\WDTVLiveHub

and i checked the path for AIRDisk

first in the network, it appears as AIRPORT-EXTREME then inside there is drive name whatever you named it

i noticed that WDTV uses exact same name for device name and share name

so i changed my drive name to AIRPORT-EXTREME

in sorder to change the name of drive you have to connect to mac then change the name and then put it back to airport extreme

i don’t know how to change it on time capsule since i don’t own one

then you should be able to connect and see all files inside of airdisk