WiFi on Older models


I have a 2TB network drive which has all my video.   I’d like to get a device to watch these files on my TV over wifi.    I see that WD has a lot of new models which stream all sorts of content, which I don’t really need.   I just want to watch the stuff on my drive.   I see a lot of the older WD TV units on ebay, and they have USB  and LAN ports.   Would they work with a USB WiFi adapter?  Or is it only the newer models?

I tried searching  this forum for this and could only find a list of compatable USB adapters (great list, BTW), but what I am looking for is a list of WD boxes that will work with a USB wifi adapter. 



As an example, I found a WDAVP00BE box which has USB, but it’s clearly for the addition of a HD.   Would it work with a USB wifi?

Only the Live, Live+ and Live Hub support USB WiFi.

To continue on what Tony said in the previous post… the new WD Streaming Media Player already has Wifi built in. You do not need a USB WiFi adapter with the SMP. However, the SMP only supports 2.4 GHz. If want to use the 5 GHz band, you will have to get one of the players that Tony mentioned in the previous post, and buy a USB adapter that is on the list of WD approved adapters.