WIFI not working right

I hard wired the player and all is FINE. been fine for a few weeks.

Went back to wireless as I hate having a 100foot cable on the floor and same thing again.

lagging, freezing, etc…

my buddy recommended changing the WIRLESS channel, it did, same thing.   Gave it it’s own IP out of the scope of the DHCP.  Same thing. 

We have no issues with our laptops, phones etc on the WIFI.  just this machine.

Any Ideas?    

It’s got the latest firmware,but it did the same with 2 previous firmwares.

Maybe a too weak wifi signal.

Read the last 2 lines of this post

Thanks.   I do have the new Rogers Modem that is supposed to be STRONGER than the other one I had, figured it would help.

I will get my buddy to lend me his WIFI extenders he’s selling and if it helps, i’ll buy one.