Wifi connection problems MBL / TVL in combination with Iphone / Ipad

Hi Guys,

I’m desperate to find a solution to my problem: Since I’m using a WD MyBookLive and WD TVLive (wireless connected) on my Wifi home network, my Iphone (ios 6) and Ipad (ios 5) are continuously losing WiFi connection (after rebooting the router). Curiously my windows pc (wired), laptop (wireless), MBL and TVL stay connected and don’t give any problems. I’m using the  Netgear Router WPN824v2.

Can anyone please advise me what to do? (to get my Iphone / Ipad connected)

Thanks in advance!

Just received an update from Netgear: 

I’m realy sorry to hear about your issue. 
Since the assistance is online it may require a few mail exchanges before we can resolve the issue. We will do our best to help resolve your case in the least amount of time. 
This is a very old router model ,running with also so old firmware version which is not compatible with recent OS systems like Iphone / Ipad .
You can try to upgrade your router with a newer version,but it would probably still be about 2 years old.
Have you purchased your router via UPC? I am asking because if this is the case you have to contact UPC,because they put their own software on theese routers.
If you got your router from any other place(not UPC) than you have to connect it with a cable to your computer,go to www.routerlogin.net,log in with ‘admin’ and ‘password’ and Upgrade the router.
Well, my problem remains.


Yes, I purchased the router via UPC.
Updating this router with Netgear software (downloaded from the website) doesn’'t work.
Before using my Western Digital MyBookLive and TV live (connected via Wifi) my Iphone and Ipad WiFi connections worked well for years and never had any problems. I’'m using the WD MBL and TV since 1 month.



In this case you have to contact UPC,because only they can upgrade your router. The software on this router is also from UPC and unfortunately we do not have any rights on it.
I hope that they will show good will and will upgrade it,because most of the time they do not want to and they send most customers to us.


What about my situation (with no problems) before using WD products? What (settings) could cause WiFi disconnection problems due to application of WD products?



This a a firmware compatibility issue and it is triggered when you started using the WD products.

And the story continues… :cry:

Apparently my Netgear router has specific UPC software (UPC is my internet provider). At this moment version 1.0… somewhat of the year 2007. At the UPC website I found an update of the latest version V2.0.20_1.0.1UPC. This latest update is of the year 2008, but hey, let’s give it a try. I rebooted my router and installed the update. At this moment all devces are still up and running. 

In the meantime I have received a reaction from the WD support desk regarding a support appointment (by phone). I am surprised by the quick service! However, I asked them to communicate about this problem via mail or this forum. I still am curious if they have had to deal with this or a similar problem before and of course what to do?

Hopefully still connected tomorrow! Fingers crossed… :neutral_face:

Unfortunately my Wifi connection problems remain. After rebooting the router there is a connection with all devices for aproximately a day. Thereafter my Iphone 4s (ios 6) and Iphone 4 (ios 5) lose connection and cannot reconnect. Occasionally the Iphone devices are reconnected for a duration of one hour or so. 

Let’s see if the WD support can help me out :smiley:

The WD support was truly great! They called twice. The first time for trying to solve te problem and a week later to ask if the probolem is still solved. 

The WD suggestion was to set my WD devices as static IP >.80 and > .101 

Unfortunately the disconnenction problems with the Iphone’s remain (set as dynamic IP by the way).

Could there be any other solution? Or am I deemed to buy antother router? (don’t have a  clue if this solves the problem).