Wierd problem

Hi there, I don’t own a wd product, but on my network places I have WDTV Live.

I can’t get rid of it!

it’s not connected via the router, or bluetooth, it’s somehow via my laptops wireless adapter?

anyone able to shed some light on this I can disable network sharing and remove it, but I’d like to be able to use my network.

I’m assuming it’s my neighbour’s WD product

Well, either you or your neighbor has a SERIOUS security problem. You’re either using his network or he’s using yours…

Well heres the problem, on both my windows 8 device in my network places i can see wdtv live. I just had a new router and pvr installed and it’s still there. I dont want to turn on network sharing on my network with this device in my network places.

here’es where it get really wierd.

I blocked the mac adress for wdtv live on my router, even though it’s not listed as a user on the router.

I disconnected from my router, and have no connection to anything and it’s still there.

somehow it’s connecting through my wireless adapter, the one on my laptop .not through the router, meaning that unless I go into airplane mode the stupid thing is always in my network devices.

I don’t get how even with the router unplugged this wdtv live is still able to connect to my laptop.

blue tooth is off as well.

I think unless i can figure out how to block a mac adress from my laptops wireless adapter i’m going to have to install the drivers, and see if i can disable the bloody thing from my end.

Dude, I’m telling you, you’re only fixing a symptom. You need to fix the problem.