Why not use netbook as media player?

Other than not having a remote, are there other reasons that a WD TV Live is better?


WD Live is  half the cost of the cheapest netbook.

lol, i was gonna say the same thing, i still use my laptop’s dualview to the tv via vga but i mainly got this for MKV files and large bluray rips which i can play on my laptop with VLC but its still a pain cause my graphics card isnt new so full 1080p will lag and MKV period causes VLC to crash at random moments if you even move the mouse while its playing the file(not really but, lol)

plus i got it cause sometimes i feel lazy an wanna watch some movies in bed and i dont feel like getting up to mess with my laptop every 2 hours or so and my 360 and PS3 have issues of their own, i only use the 360 for my Netflix instant viewing.

Do netbooks have a HD video output which can connect to a TV plus digital audio outputs etc etc.

Okey dokey… I truly didn’t know. I don’t have a netbook (have a laptop) and thought they were relatively cheap and already had wireless on most, so I thought the cost might not be much different. And… I don’t know the difference between connecting via VGA instead of HDMI. I thought the netbook might give lots more functionality, but i guess not :slight_smile: Thanks for your replies…

I’m waiting exactly one more year, then I’m getting a netbook or small desktop.  Check out these little Acer

boxes   http://aceraspirerevo.com/   the dual core has the horse power now to run XBMC, bit torrents a web browser

add TV tuner and your done.  No fan noise, low power use, expandable with USB ports, includes a HD and wireless

keyboard.  Hard to beat.  Price should be very reasonable next time this year.  I’m not happy with WDTV and the so

call support.  The hardware is great just not being used to it’s full capability… and no one will tells us the plans

for future upgrades.

waiting for ion2 netbooks to decide

or ion2 mini-itx mobos

I would run for a laptop with hdmi connection and a wireless mouse. Optional a wireless keyboard.

But WDTV Live costs 130E and a usb hdd around 150E. With ~300E I cannot get any laptop/netbook able to play all the movies I want. And I’m not talking about 1080p MKVs, I’m talking about movies from my camera.

It’s price vs performance. Ok, WDTV Live doesn’t have all the features of a laptop, but I would need an 1000E laptop locked near the tv to have movie playing quality that I have on WDTV.