Why no movie streaming off the web in the UK?

I am disappointed that the WD TV Hub does not offer any movie streaming options from companies like Blockbuster or Lovefilm in the UK. The technology is available here, the rental companies offer the option via other hardware manufacturers. Why not WD, what’s the problem? Is it second class UK again?

There are a lot of other countries that have application for movie streaming that are not supported not just the UK.

Remember that the company is in America there for most of the developers(I’m just guessing here) are in America and put in there mind “What if?” as in What if we could developed a device to suit our everyday needs in movie streaming. Perfect example would be the nex flix issue. The WD media players only last month started to support Net Flix in Canada.

And they are on the Same continent.  All it took was a little voice of opinion and BAM! The option was added.

In short I would suggest that you start a idea in the ideas section so that it can be looked at in a future firmware update.

I agree with you Lawrence, that is why I made the post.

If WD want to be a world player, they should offer the same commitment to customers worldwide, not be so US or North America concentric all the time. Of course, I have little knowledge of the situation in other countries but if technology and the on-line providers are available worldwide, why isn’t the service?

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RalphGoodson wrote:

Why not WD, what’s the problem? Is it second class UK again?

This is just my personal opinion…

Whether it’s a particular language translation for the operating system, or a particular language of subtitles, or a paticular regional streaming service, or whatever else, I’d have to assume that the folks at WD who actually make the decisions look at it from a cost-benefit perspective.

If it costs X dollars to make a particular change/improvement, and making that change/improvement would result in less than X in additional sales of new devices, then it’s not financially sound and very few management types would be willing to take that risk.

So, basically, all of us who are not in the US, need to convince the top guys that the features we want will be profitable for WD. :wink:   I’m pretty sure it has to be “worth their while” for them to set an engineering team on it, whatever “it” is.

I think the other problem there is, is that you have to think of the upkeep to keep it working.

Look at all the Netflix posts, the way I see it WD don’t want to keep on updating the firmware for this and that, Im sure in a perfect world Firmware 1 would be the first and last.

But personally having been the owner of the Gen 1 and seeing it drop off the radar, I would rather they focus on things like, oh I dunno, me not having to restart the box, take it back to factory defaults because I looked at it a bit funny. :slight_smile:

Sony has a whole range of products that offer streaming video via an arrangement with Lovefilm. WD don’t seem interested in offering the service outside US. The moral is I suppose, buy Sony next time.

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