Why no audio delay adjustment feature?

I have my Live hooked up to my plasma thru HDMI and use Optical Out for the sound. Most movies have good audio/video sync but there’s a a few that are just off by a little bit where the audio is a little bit faster than the video…but that’s ONLY when listening through my reciever. If I turn my TV speakers up then the audio is perfectly synced and you could hear how off the receiver audio is to the tv audio.

Why would the sound be off using a receiver vs. the TV and why no audio delay adjustment option for Live just for issues like this that other people also have?

HDMI devices account for that audio delay as part of the EDID handshake. It’s done automatically. TOSLINK has no such capability. The reason for the difference is because the video takes longer to decode tha audio, and the TV is handling that difference. This is why good audio receivers have the delay feature so you can adjust it there.

ah, good to know. Didn’t know that. My current AVR has no HDMI inputs or audio delay adjustments (Panny VSX-816)…If I get one that does video/audio through HDMI (not needing optical for audio) would this most likely solve my problem?

It’s not THAT much off sync but enough for me to notice and annoy me.

vice86 wrote:


It’s not THAT much off sync but enough for me to notice and annoy me.

Try selecting “Game Mode” on your TV, What it does (If I understand it correctly), is disabling the TV “advance image processing”, and because of that, the image appears quickly on the screen, avoiding the desincronization

Hope it helps you


I just tried Game Mode…no love. AVR audio still off from TV Speaker audio…something as short as “who’s tyler” can fully play followed right after with “who’s tyler” from the tv speakers.

The problem is that the hdmi auto-audio sync does not always function.  My TV LIVE box is plugged into a Sony HDMI switching receiver that has an hdmi out to the samsung telly. The ‘movie’ 200hz mode of the telly adds considerable delay to the video but the sony amp is not aware of that. Neither the amp or WD TV LIVE can delay the audio to match the video.

My satellite box has an audio delay function so no prob there and my Blu-ray player has an audio delay feature but no dice with the WD TV LIVE because apparenty someone at WD deems the feature to be unneccessary.

Come on WD add it so we have the abitlity to watched synced audio with modern televisions.