Why is the WD Support contact form returning internal server errors?


I am making my best effort here to get in touch with some human being at Western Digital. I have been going in circles for the past two weeks. I hope someone here can help me get through.

I can’t log onto my WD Support portal account, I can’t log onto the WD Community forums… well I logged in now somehow, but I don’t think it’s the same account… and more importantly: when I use the WD Support contact form to create a new case I see an internal server error.

Is any relevant system working at WD? What’s going on?

Also, is there no way to report any such errors or any other problems to WDC directly on the main web site? I know I have sent at least 2 emails to the webmaster over a period of one month. I got no replies. I don’t know where I found the email address. WDC is obviously clever at hiding email addresses. We are forced to use the contact form for everything… but that’s kind of hard to use when it returns server errors.


I have passed this along to support. Someone will contact you soon.

Thank you! It’s been like this for some time now. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed it. That’s what I wanted to contact the support team for… you know, ask support why support is not working… kind of hard to do with support contact form being the only communication channel. I also had problems getting back on here at WD Community to ask here. But it’s done now, and I hope someone will fix it soon.