Why is My Book World Edition treated so badly?

I don’t know if others feel like me, but I have the World Edition II which I bought for $200 and am very happy with as a network drive, but when looking at supported software and apps from WD - sadly find that it is just not supported by many of the desired features and apps - like the mobile apps, for example, or Windows 8 drivers, etc.

World Edition II is a good system. It is not that archaic, and it cost me a LOT of money - then why is it neglected like this by WD? Why do I, as a loyal WD customer, have to see my drive go obsolete, merely by what seems to be lack of desire for support by WD?

Thanks in advance for any reasonable answer, including that of WD…

There should be a couple of third party apps that allow you to do similar features as the ones that are possible with the newer drives.