Why is it so slow to copy files to and fro from the WD My Book Live Duo?Less than 5 Mbps

I am beginning to regret buying a WD My Book Live Duo for my home backup needs…I should have just gotten a USB3.0 hard disk which would have been much faster than this…Is there anything I can do to make it run faster??? Whad is wrong… It does not even reach the minimum expected 10Mbps claimed at all…It’s ridiculously slow

The LED light at the back of the my book live duo is always green…

The WDL is connected to my dlink router(Dlink DVG-N5402SP - VoIP Wireless Router ) and my pc is connected direct wired connection via powerline LAN with Aztech Homeplug HL115EP( http://www.aztech.com/prod_homeplug_hl115ep.html)


Above is my internet speed from my pc. It is working fine downloading files to and from the internet

There is no other activity on this network…only the WDL and my pc and a few other pcs…

See below But why is the copying so slow copying a 4.47GB folder takes so long at only 5 mbps within the Local LAN itself…It is impossible to do any backup for harddisk even using the smartwave it takes forever to be able to back up anything useful like a hard disk…

Slow Speed of Copy.jpg

Backing up a 200GB Hard disk at this sort of speed 1 or 2 Mbps at times using teh smart wave will take days at least  or even few weeks to complete:cry: 

Can anyone pls help??WD Tech support if any??

That may be related to a WebDAV issue.

Try browsing the WebDAV FAQ to see if that applies.