Why HDD prices are so high? I have a suggestion for managment

I understand that there’s a r&d costs involved, but the prices are way too high especially when 4k content is being used, people just use streaming services instead of keeping data locally, only hardcore users or professionals really opt for higher capacity drives since they have no other choice.
Lowering prices will greatly increase HDD sales among casual users since current pricing is just unreasonably high for what you get nowadays.
I hope you take my words seriously and won’t ignore common sense.
Be reasonable in pricing and people will buy more,

I paid $180 for a 1 Terabyte WD hard drive about 10 years ago

Last week i bought a 4 Terabyte WD hard drive for $138

Pricing is very reasonable for what you get these days :slight_smile:

nah, there will always be people who will complain and moan about the price :wink:

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The prices didn’t move for 5 years

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if you think this is reasonable it’s a problem, I purchased 2 months ago 8tb for about 240$ during black friday sale and it’s way too expensive for what it’s worth and poor performance