Why does WD VelociRaptor WD1000DHTZ only have 686 gigs

Why does WD VelociRaptor WD1000DHTZ only have 686 gigs?

I purchased this from Newegg two weeks ago. I just checked today to see how much space is on the drive and it says 457 GB Free of 686 GB

Isn’t this supposed to be a 1TB drive?

Hello, check if your computer BIOS supports this drive capacity. Also check the disk management to verify if the hard drive is formatted in two partitions. 

How to access Disk Management in Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 to manage hard drives 

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Thanks for that…

I’m showing 686.40 plus 12.14 (D)drive which seems cool BUT the missing space was found as 232.88 GB Unallocated.

How can I reclaim that?

When I got this drive, I cloned it from my 1TB hard drive that was already in here. That drive was okay and still is. I just had the urge to upgrade.

Sorry for the delay, you should be able to format the unallocated space, just right click on it from the Disk management window and select the option to create a new simple volume.