Why does smartware suddenly hate me?

Got a My Book drive a couple months ago, after having a good experience with a passport.

Installed said My Book smartware to a Dell running XP service pack 3, everything was working fine.

A couple days ago, began getting weird error messages that said things like “the instruction at xxx referenced memory at xxx. The memory could not be written.”

Click ok to terminate the program. Click on cancel to debug.

Clicking cancel caused repeated popups of the same message.

Finally got a BSOD on the computer.

Going into safe mode and uninstalling smartware corrected that.

But now Ican’t seem to reinstall the smartware.

When I try, I get the above error message.

Any suggestions?

It sounds like you have a issue with the computer preventing any software installation try installing the software on another computer with the same os. That error message usually  means there is a problem with your memory or another cause os related. Not smartware