Why does My WD Device say backing up 1.45 gb out of 45.9 gb and stops?

Why does my WD device say backing up 1.45 GB out of 45.9 GB and stops? Is it stopping halfway through the process of backing up my files? I think I actually have 105 GB of files so why does it say it only saved 1.45 GB? It’s my first time using this thing and I’m not saving to the Dropbox, just to the My Passport device.

Are you using WD SmartWare, WD Backup, or another program in order to handle your backups? If you are using a WD application, is a file listed as pending for backup in the Backup Tab?

I’m using My Passport auto backup software. The next time I tried it it said it backed up 71.32 GB (it did 100% of that - took 2 hrs). Don’t know why the first time it said 45.9 GB would be the total and this time 71.32. And I think I have 105 GB. Maybe next time it will backup even more?? I don’t see a file listed as pending.