Why do i need need both WD2go and WDphoto?

It looks as if WD2go does exactly (and more) the same as what WDPhoto does, so why do we need both ?

please, or am i missing something.

WDphoto has a nice interface vs the WD2go.

WD Photos uses transcoded versions of your photos so that they load fast on your mobile device. It has sorting options to allow you to filter out photos. It offers slideshow type of support.

WD 2go actually looks at the original photo, so it is not optimized for web viewing. What I mean by that is if you have a photo that is 4MB in size, it will download the whole photo first then display it. With WD 2go, that same photo has been resized to only a few K size, so downloading and displaying is much faster.

Hey chaps thanks for that purrfect answer. Brill looks as if i shall have to use both, they both have there good points.

WDTony :_i Gave your post as a Solution, and then the option still remained for the previous post as well, and in the end, you lost out, oop’s.