Why do I need Dropbox still for mobile devices?

I have just bought my My Cloud 3Tb (I’ll call MC3) and am setting up. I wish the documentation and examples were better. What I’m trying to figure out is why or how to use my dropbox account? I was under the assumption that if I setup a share called ‘StevesBox’ that I could access just like I accessed my Dropbox account and therefore why would I continue to need a dropbox acount? So:

  1. Do I need to use Dropbox as normal but have MC3 back it up?
  2. Can I just use StevesBox from my iPhone? For instance, I have it setup on my phone but if I go to photos and tap on the ‘send’ option everything shows up as normal like Dropbox but no ‘StevesBox’
  3. Am I just plain confused? Can anyone set me straight?

DropBox is not a software which runs on the MC.  MC has some software which is in many ways similar to Dropbox, but it is not Dropbox.  MC has the mycloud.com software. WD says that their mycloud software on your mobile device will connect with Dropbox in some way. I haven’t used it yet though.

You can install a clone software of Dropbox, called ownCloud. Or even BarracudaDrive.  These are third party software and will void your warrenty.