Why do factory reet

Sorry to be so thick, but whats the point of doing a factory reset-what does it do for you? MBL has failed the diagnostic tests and the help team have asked me to do the re-set as they think the disk is failing…how would that help.

Secondly (!) if you do a factory reset-do you have all the operating system etc on ti still? I’m worried I’ll have just a hard drive sitting in the cupboard.

Thanks for any help-I do need it!

Hi Julie1,

Factory Restore process is a data destructive process and it can’t be undone. However, operating system would not delete in this process only the data will be deleted. But you need to initialize your device from the start after this process. You may refer below KBA for more details about it:

Thanks I appreciate your help. I have backed up the data so just need to do it!

I’m not sure why it’s the thing to do though as the support people think the disk may be failing. How can a restore help with that?

Thanks again your reply is just what I needed to know